Why Your Federal Job Application Isn’t Being Selected

So, you’ve decided to apply for a federal job position that you’ve had your eye on. You take careful, painstaking steps, or so you think, to ensure that your federal job application is complete and then send it off to the intended recipient. Unfortunately, your federal job application is denied and you’re now wondering where you went wrong. Well, there are a few reasons why federal job applications aren’t selected and you might find yourself in one or more of the following situations.

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Minimum Job Requirements Are Not Met

The first step to getting your federal job application accepted and pushed through to the next level of the process is to meet all minimum job requirements. Federal government job postings list minimum requirements, i.e., expertise you must have in order to get your foot in the door. If you don’t meet all of these minimum requirements, you won’t be eligible for the job and your federal application will be denied. With this in mind, make sure that you have the minimum requirements requested for the federal job for which you’re applying.

The Right Keywords Aren’t Used

Since federal job postings often see a large response, federal hiring managers need a way to scan quickly and find eligible candidates with ease. This is where keywords enter the picture. Job postings have certain keywords included within them that are specific to the job you’re applying for so make sure you include those keywords in your resume as well. The more keywords you include, the more likely it is that your resume will be noticed and forwarded on to the next step in the application process. 

You Didn’t Answer All of the KSAs

Federal job postings will list KSAs, which stands for knowledge, skill, and ability. KSA questions help the federal hiring managers to determine if you are truly qualified for the job at hand. Therefore, make sure to answer each and every KSA question fully to make it more likely that your application will proceed to the next step of the process. Let the hiring manager know why you’re the perfect person for the job!

Your Resume Doesn’t Stand Out

With so many resumes being sent their way, federal hiring managers know exactly what they’re looking for in job candidates. They can quickly scan the resume, look for the keywords mentioned above, and determine if this particular applicant should move forward in the process. If your federal job application is denied, it could be because it didn’t stand out from the rest of the applicants. You may be 100% qualified for a particular position, but if your resume doesn’t highlight this factor, your job application might get passed over for another. Therefore, when you create your federal resume, and make sure it’s a federal-style resume, you want to give it many repeat looks to determine it is as stellar as it can be. And, remember that federal resumes aren’t limited to the one-page rule that applies to regular resumes, so you have plenty of room to detail your prior experience and past job positions.  

You Didn’t Include Enough Relevant Experience

You may have tons of experience and be perfect for the job, but if you didn’t include it in the job application, nobody is going to know this is the truth. In the alternative, maybe you just don’t have the right experience level for the job and this is why your federal application wasn’t pushed forward to the next step in the federal hiring process. If you have the experience, make sure you detail it fully in your application as well as your resume. If you don’t have the required experience, you should keep looking at other federal jobs for which you might be better suited. Minimum job requirements and KSAs sections will help you determine if you’re truly qualified to the specific job you’re interested in.

Take Your Time and Submit the Best Federal Job Application

When you’ve found a federal job that you’re interested in and have reviewed the requirements to determine you’re qualified for it, be sure to take your time crafting the best federal job application possible. You don’t want to rush through the application process as this will lead to mistakes and omissions in the federal job application and have it be denied or overlooked. Also, carefully craft or update your federal resume. Make sure that the resume helps you to stand out from the crowd and adequately details your prior job roles. This will show that you have the experience and skill level to excel in the federal job position advertised. 

Federal jobs are wonderful employment options. Take your time applying, but don’t wait too long, as the federal agency you’re applying to may be looking for someone just like you to fill the position!

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