Why KSAs Are Important

KSAs are additional statements required when applying for some federal jobs. They are used, along with your resume, to gauge your knowledge, skills, and abilities for a specific job. Job announcements usually require responses for 3 to 5 KSA statements. The statements can be of a general nature such as “Ability to communicate orally and in writing” or very specific to the job such as “Knowledge of federal motor vehicle safety standards.”

The length of an answer to a federal job KSA will depend on the KSA, your background, and the level of the job. People who claim that KSA answers need to be a certain length are the same people who believe you should always wear a suit to an interview. Sometimes, it’s just not appropriate. A concise statement will be appreciated over a long-winded ramble. Believe me, hiring officials know BS when they read it. The quality of the response matters more than the quantity of the response. It is very important that the responses be grammatically correct coherent statements that fully answer the KSA and describe what you did, why you did it, and the effect it had.

KSAs are very important to the application process primarily because they demonstrate written communication skill unlike a resume is capable of doing. Strong communication skills are generally regarded very highly and are thought to imply strong organizational and analytical ability. Poor answers may prevent you from being considered for a position. In fact, for some positions your score for experience is based solely on your responses to the KSAs, not the information included on your resume.

KSA statements can be very intimidating to lots of people. Most people do not know how to write ksas for federal jobs. Many very capable people have difficulty articulating their experiences in written form. It is natural to have trouble with something you so rarely have to do.

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