SES Resume Writing Service

Specialized Resume Writing for Senior Executives

It is vitally important to present an outstanding SES application when applying for Senior Executive Service positions. In government hiring, especially at this level, the job application plays a much stronger role than it does in the private sector. Your SES resume and ECQ statements are the only thing you have to represent you in the initial competition for these high level federal government jobs. If your SES application doesn’t represent you and your skills well enough, you won’t get an opportunity to convince the hiring official in an interview. You must portray your previous work experience extremely well in order to make it past the initial phase of the job competition.

We specialize in SES Resumes and supplemental documents, ECQ’s and PTQ’s, needed for scientific, technical, financial, healthcare, education and administrative leadership positions within the Federal Government. In fact we guarantee the effectiveness and results of our SES Resume Writing Sevices. It is essential that your SES Resume and its supplemental documents (ECQ’s and PTQ’s) are accurate, detailed and produce the results you are after. Your success in applying for SES positions or SES Career Development Programs is determined by the effectiveness of these documents. As one of our SES clients you are assigned VIP status. You will experience service on a professional level characterized by attentiveness and superlative handling. We work as a team with you to make sure your SES documents are produced with your success as the only goal.

ECQ’s (Executive Core Qualifications)
A significant part of the SES Resume is the section covering the ECQ’s. The ECQ’s cover the skills required to succeed in the SES. There are five core ECQ’s. They determine whether an individual has the broad executive skills needed to succeed in a variety of SES positions. Generally thought to be the most important part of the SES Resume, the five most commonly encountered ECQ’s are:

  • Leading Change
  • Leading People
  • Results Driven
  • Business Acumen
  • Building Coalitions

Your SES Resume must show a high level of competence in each ECQ. These statements focus on your experience, through real life examples, demonstrating how you have successfully applied these abilities and skills. Along with the SES Resume the ECQ questions must be written so that your competence in each area and your ability to use these skills independently is clear and leaves no doubt as to your qualifications. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to represent your skills on an SES resume in the best possible light.