Resume Distribution

Our partners at Resume Spider are offering they’re top resume distribution service at a 10% discount for KSA Doctor readers. The nation’s #1 resume distribution service is effective, guaranteed, and confidential. The only resume distribution service that builds a targeted network, their proactive approach saves weeks or months of contacting desired employers and recruiters.

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ResumeSpider is a leading resume distribution service that assists you by producing targeted leads then emailing your profile to matching ResumeSpider member companies. Member companies consist of human verified recruiting firms and direct hiring employers that are registered at ResumeSpider to receive resumes. Every Career Seeker is matched to member companies based on their job functions, industries and geographic locations. This approach saves you countless hours of research time in creating a similar list. In addition, ResumeSpider can add tremendous value to your networking strategy by getting access to the unadvertised jobs that many recruiting and staffing firms boast. Furthermore, due to the increasing cost of job board access and advertising, many employers are turning to distribution services like ResumeSpider to receive targeted resumes; thus resulting in career specific access to relevant hiring contacts for you.

The value of ResumeSpider to YOU can be summarized into 7 main benefits:

  • Targeted leads. ResumeSpider will create a list of targeted companies that match your job search profile.
  • Introduction. ResumeSpider will send your profile to this list; a total of 3 resume distributions.
  • Tracking. ResumeSpider can show you the contacts that have most recently opened and evaluated your resume.
  • Contact Information. You have access to the contact information on your list so you can follow-up, make a presentation, network and get interviews.
  • Customer service. Available via phone or email, and respond to questions within 24 hours.
  • Training emails. ResumeSpider will send you valuable information and tips on how to use the service to professionally introduce yourself and follow-up.
  • Money Back Guarantee. See the website to read the awesome details.

To get started, go to and click on the “Try It Now” link at the top of the page. Select your criteria in steps 1 – 3 and then press “Get Results” to see the names of the recruiting firms and employers. No personal information is required to see this list. The package details are on the right side of this page.