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The Federal government is the largest single employer in the United States. Currently, it employs nearly 3 million workers and will hire hundreds of thousands of new employees every year to replace current civil workers. Many workers need replaced because they were transferred to a different position, left for other opportunities, or simply retired. Along with the stability of a government job, the annual average salary of a Federal government employee is more than $67,000. When benefits are included, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis states that Federal employees will a total of more than $100,000 every year, with the private sector averaging only half as much.

As you can see, there is a good reason that Federal government jobs are highly sought after. This also means that competition for available positions can become quite intense. Along with a traditional resume, KSA Statements must also be written. These are supplemental states in which specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities are highlighted. It is important to note that the KSA’s are scored on a point system, which makes a high school nearly priceless. With such a heavy emphasis on KSA scores, it should be no surprise that professional KSA writers are often used. However, is it really a good idea to hire a KSA writer? Here are some facts to consider.

KSA Answers Must Be Formatted According to Federal Guidelines

Answering the KSA questions may require you to spend hours sifting through Federal documents in order to ensure that every answer is formatted properly. If your answers do not comply with all of the government standards, then it can result in massive point deductions.

Here are some general formatting points that should be applied to every KSA answer:

• All answers should be written in first person
• Every answer needs to be between 1 and 1 ½ pages
• Every answer needs to include specific examples that demonstrate your abilities
• Every answer should be able to stand independently without the resume, which means that they need to include relevant education, awards, and experience.

Your KSA answers need to be well-polished essays that utilize what is known as the CCAR approach, which stands for Context, Challenge, Action, and Result. They will often request that you demonstrate your knowledge relating to agency regulations, standard operating procedures, processes, technology, as well as knowledge about the agency.

Professional KSA writers can prove to be a very useful tool, especially as more and more people are using them. One of the biggest reasons that using a KSA writing service is a good idea is that they navigate the formatting requirements and formulate the best answers on a daily basis. Think about it this way, you might be able to write a higher scoring KSA than the other applicants, but can you write better than the KSA writers that they have hired? Most people do not write essays on a regular basis, which means that the end result may not be up to par. Choosing whether or not to use a KSA writer is up to you, however considering that it carries high stakes, it may be worth considering.