Sample KSA Responses for Supervisor Position

If you are required to answer KSA statements for a supervisor position with the federal government, the following samples can help get you started. KSA Doctor has been writing KSA responses for supervisor jobs since 2005. Look at the example below and see our other samples and custom writing service if you need more assistance.

supervisor inspecting panels

Responsibilities of Supervisor and Supervisory Specialist

  • Plans use of subordinate workers, equipment, facilities, and materials on a week-to-week or project to project basis.
  • Adhere to work priorities, project schedules, resources, and detailed work plans established by higher level supervisors.
  • Reacts to variations in the workplace and maintains a balance workload between subordinates.
  • Follow customary work cycles and sequences in planning work assignments.
  • Track and report progress on work assignments and request authority to adjust worker assignments and to use overtime, equipment, and materials to meet schedules.
  • Recommend changes to schedules, priorities, and work sequences as necessary and make minor deviations in procedures or redirect resources under their control to overcome problems such as equipment failure, material delays, or unplanned absences.
  • Assigns work to individuals and provides technical direction and/or help in accomplishing difficult work steps and processes.
  • Observe work in progress to anticipate and resolve problems within groups supervised, and coordinate work among workers and other supervisors to maintain work progress to meet schedules.
  • Inspect completed work for quality and work order requirements.
    Report possible or actual work delays to their supervisors.
  • Recommend performance ratings, training, disciplinary actions, changes in performance standards, and the most suitable applicants for vacancies.
  • Advise and counsel workers on how to improve their performance and explain new work techniques.

Typical KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (KSAs) for Supervisory Positions:

Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of supply and inventory procedures, techniques, and operations gained through either formal education or two years’ work experience related to inventory management is required.
  • Must understand and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of purchasing procedures, computerized record keeping and inventory management and have a good working knowledge of basic accounting.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills and must possess fluent command of the English language, understand and use proper grammar, and be able to communicate clearly and effectively; to all levels of the organization, both verbally and in writing.
  • Must be able to use basic computer software such as; Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point and have a working knowledge of the property management system.
  • Must understand the daily operation of a hotel to include safety, environmental and fire prevention regulations and practices; hotel management procedures; and front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance operating principles and practices; and have a working knowledge of automated inventory management system(s).

For these Supervisor KSAs, here’s part of a sample answer…

Large scale projects require understanding and cooperation at all levels within a company. Therefore, the systems design process includes close interaction with different engineers, maintenance staff and managers. I work closely with the business and technical areas on defining clear project requirements by ensuring that the requirements, scope and pace of project are fully aligned with the goals outlined by the project sponsor. My planning and organizational skills contribute to the effectiveness of the department as a whole, while emphasizing the importance of setting and achieving high standards. Central to an organized workplace is having a system of administrative processes which is methodical, efficient, and accurate. Upon accepting this position one of my first acts was to modernize and streamline several office computer applications.

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