Clear Way Forward: Simple Adjustments for Career Growth

When you’re trying to build a career, it can be difficult to stay on track amidst the chaos of daily life. To drive success, you need a clear direction and an airtight strategy – whether that means setting new goals, reskilling, or developing better organizational practices. Read on for some pointers.

Set Goals

Career goals are easier to hit when they’ve been laid out plainly. There are many ways to structure and identify your goals, including (but not limited to) the SMART model (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timed) and the HARD model (Heartfelt, Animated, Required, and Difficult). Once you have the criteria for success, you can begin to measure your advancement over time.


If you find your goals are too high, large, or abstract (or you’re simply having a hard week), it’s sometimes a good idea to break them up into more manageable segments. Dulce Toscano notes that by dividing your goals into individual tasks and smaller time frames (such as for weeks, days, or hours), you’re more likely to complete them one by one, meaning a better result in the aggregate.


For many of us, the obstacles standing in the way of career progression are to do with skill and expertise. If you cannot attain the requisite skills or credentials via your employer, it’s important to find solutions outside of the workplace. Plenty of degree programs/courses can be completed virtually, which means that you aren’t required to commute to a place of learning, and you may be able to manage your studies around work. See if there are any that apply to your field.

Design an Eye-catching Resume

A federal resume writing service can be an invaluable resource when looking to gain employment. They have expertise in creating resumes and cover letters that are tailored to a specific job and industry, giving candidates the best chance of standing out from the competition. Not only will they provide helpful advice on how to craft a successful resume, but they also have experience in tailoring resumes for ATS – Applicant Tracking Systems ensuring it is correctly formatted for trendy hiring software used by employers.

An easy way to get started is by using this free resume maker. A resume maker provides pre-designed formats and layout options and can help create an eye-catching resume by adding visuals such as custom icons, color schemes and images to give your resume personality.


There’s no denying that it pays to know the right people. By positioning yourself strategically to those in decision-making roles, it’s often possible to advance your own position. It’s also a good idea to link up (both in real life and online) with contemporary peers who are in a similar position. Glue Up points out that by cultivating a professional network, you can benefit from exclusive industry information, opportunities, and a support system for those struggling with similar challenges.

Get Organized

When it comes to career progression, good documentation and organization can go a surprisingly long way – it pays to know and understand the small text. A good place to start is with a clean, efficient filing system; try to digitize any records and collate these into single files. If you need to delete individual pages, you can use an online PDF editor tool, which can be used to remove pages from your PDF files and help you to make changes when necessary.

Start a Business

Sometimes, professional development looks less like climbing the rungs of a ladder and more like building your own. If you’re interested in starting your own company, it’s important to first carry out some research into the administrative requirements, such as choosing and comparing business structures. An LLC often proves more beneficial for small businesses as they offer pass-through taxation and protect your assets in case there’s ever legal action against your business.

When it comes to getting funded, many entrepreneurs turn to loans or investments from family and friends, but the easiest way to obtain capital for your business is through a loan from the bank. To maximize your chances of being approved for a loan, make sure that you have an annual credit report and score that accurately reflects your current financial situation. Having a healthy credit history is necessary for demonstrating credibility and responsibility when it comes to handling your finances.

Professional development is rarely straightforward, and we can’t always predict the route we’ll take to success. We can, however, give ourselves the best chance by setting clear, manageable goals, honing our skills, creating a memorable resume, networking tactically, and starting businesses of our own.

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