Answers to Human Resource Specialist KSA Statements

If you need to write answers to KSA statements to apply for a human resource specialist position with a federal government agency, we can help. We’ve been writing KSA responses for jobs like this since 2005 and would love to help you as well. Below you will see some sample KSA statements for a human resource specialist job opening.

Responsibilities of Human Resources Assistant

  • Performs administrative HR functions in furtherance of the mission and objectives of the processing team.
  • Provides HR services related to personnel processing, as well as HR recordkeeping and maintenance for all employees.
  • Assists lower graded employee’s, providing on the job training as needed and assigned.
  • Responsible for mass actions, pay schedule changes, within grades, and employee data.
  • Performs quality review and if needed the manual entry of action.
  • Recognizes and communicates potential problem including the way it was generated to the appropriate HR office, outside federal agency, or Human Resources Information Technology system staff, as well as any actions to be taken in order to resolve the situation.
  • Responsible for ensuring that a professional, satisfactory and timely response is given to each question or issue.
  • Resolves complaints by coordinating with regional HR offices or supervisor for information or action initiation as required. Answers time-sensitive questions regarding status of pending actions, resolves processing problems, establishes and maintains records pertaining to action taken and the final result for each inquiry/issue.
  • Provides feedback to the supervisor in order to locate and correct problem areas.


Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies in the following areas:

  • Ability to plan and organize work.
  • Knowledge of various office automation software programs, tools, and techniques to support office operations and produce a variety of documents such as letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases, and graphs.
  • Ability to research information.
  • Skill in fact-finding, problem analysis, problem resolutions, and development of concrete action plans to solve problems.
  • Ability to gather, analyze and present facts, communicate effectively (both orally and in typing), using tact and courtesy and possess the ability to plan, organize work, and meet deadlines.

For these Human Resources KSAs, here’s part of a sample answer…

I am also responsible for management functions for numerous operations at the facility.  I direct staffing operations and delegate work assignments for up to eight employees.  Being an efficient communicator is critical to maintaining an efficient workplace and effectively supervising employees. I use my communication skills while training employees in fee collection, instructing them on proper compliance with guidelines, and providing responsive customer service to visitors. 

As the co-owner of a supply business for 12 years, I successfully dealt with individuals and businesses in the Coastal region.  My principal responsibility included providing physical and financial analysis of the business.  I maintained inventory control of over 750 items as well as managed accounts receivable for 75 accounts.  In this job I was required to deal with people effectively while refining skills in negotiating terms and prices with clients.  I also resolved customer service problems on a regular basis. I was well known in the business community for my positive attitude, cheerful manner, and reputation as an honest, ethical business person.

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