A Career Changer’s Guide to Finding Work You Love

The ultimate job is doing work you love and getting paid for it. It’s never too late to switch careers if your current job is not fulfilling. Here’s a guide to moving out of your stagnant career and into work you are passionate about doing.

1. Identify Your Options

Your first step is to narrow down your options to find the best fit for your new career. Begin by making a list of your skills and talents. It may be helpful to ask a close friend or colleague to contribute their thoughts. Then, write another list of the work you most love doing and check your two lists for any overlap. This process should highlight some career options for you.

2. Further Your Education

You may discover you need to further your education through certification classes or a degree to pursue your passion. Thankfully, you can earn either online and still have the flexibility to continue in your current job.

Business administration classes prepare you for a management role by teaching you leadership skills. If planning and completing projects is your passion, you can polish your skills and get certified through a Project Management Professional certification course. Information technology is a popular degree that teaches you about digital technical software programs, cybersecurity, and data analytics. All of these options offer excellent career potential.

3. Get a Professional Resume

Once you are ready to job hunt, your next step is to get a resume professionally written at KSA Doctor so that it gets past resume scanning software and into the hands of a hiring manager. This vital task is best left to the pros who know the right style and keywords to use to get your resume noticed for the best chance of scoring an interview.

4. Develop Virtual Interview Skills

Expect a virtual job interview for at least your initial meeting with a hiring manager. Prepare by setting up an uncluttered space for your remote interview with good lighting and audio. Then, practice mock interviews in this format until you are comfortable.

5. Consider Starting Your Own Business

Becoming an entrepreneur is the right choice if you’ve always dreamed of running your own business. Statistics show that 20% of new businesses fail within the first year. To increase your success chances, create a solid business plan describing your company, its structure, financial projections, and any outside funding you need. Also include details on how you plan to sell your services and products.

6. Set Up an Invoicing Process

Getting paid promptly for your company’s products or services is crucial to the survival of your business. To ensure on-time payments, offer various convenient payment methods and set clear terms when your company is hired. Then, send an invoice immediately once the work is completed.

There’s no need to hire someone to create invoices for you. A good solution for an invoice maker is online invoice templates that enable you to create professional invoices that fit your company’s brand. You’ll find various templates ready to be customized with your company’s name, logo, tagline, pertinent information, and brand colors.

Changing careers to a job you love is worth the time and effort to make the change a reality. Starting your business with a solid invoice process sets you up for success. Not only will you be happier in either situation, but you’ll also find yourself more productive as well.

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