6 Simple Ways That Can Improve Your Company Career Page

If your Corporate career website is dull and boring and does not give enough information in regards to what your organization is all about, you may be missing out on the best candidates.

According to one of the current CareerBuilder studies, the top talent hold value in importance of solid career sites. Almost 89% of the people surveyed stated that employer sites happen to be a primary factor in regards to learning about the companies that they are interested in.

If you realize that you need a few adjustments, here are a few simple and fast methods you can use to enhance the career site which will allow potential candidates to learn more about your organization as well as assist in developing connections that last.

Here are a few of the top tips you can use:

  • Make The Website Easy To Locate

Make sure there is a link is in the footer or on the homepage so prospective candidates are able to locate the career page. One of the advantages of using this link in your footer is that the candidates are able to direct the career page once they have conducted research about your organization.

  • Keep Things Organized

The career site needs to be organized in order for any candidates to view the organizations open positions, core values and benefits. Look into the average times that are spent on the career website. If these times are very short, the candidates are probably not finding the information that they need, which means they usually won’t be bothered to apply. You should keep it very clean and organized and feature fonts which are simple to read.

  • Promote Your Culture

Your career website needs to match the energy and corporate culture associated with your company. This is the ideal location to incorporate recruiting videos which relays the story behind your organization. Be sure to include text that involves the benefits related to working with your company, company culture and any information that is unique and anything which sets this company apart from others.

  • Become Social

Today the current world is extremely social and potential candidates may decide to tweet the link to a career page to a fellow job-seeker, they may also send emails as referrals. You will obtain more shares and bonus points when you implement referral programs for the non-employees.

  • Become Mobile Friendly

Your career portal must be accessible on the iOS and Android platforms. You will never know the time your next potential employee may be scanning for new jobs.

  • Keep In Contact

If you do not want to miss out on the best candidates, who have visited your career site, make sure there is an easy way for the person to upload their resume. This is true even if at the time there are no open positions available. This proactive approach can assist in maintaining a strong pipeline and your own candidate pool which is extremely efficient when you are faced with job openings into the future.

If you want some more tips then this piece from 4Mat shows some of the things to consider for a website or page.

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