3 Federal Resume Writing Services You Can Trust

Finding a job is not easy. It can be difficult to stand out among a crowded field of applicants. One or two pages of text on a typical resume have to quickly and adequately convey years of experience and future potential. With hiring managers and human resources executives stretched thin, you only have a few minutes to make a lasting impression. Because the federal government operates much like a giant corporation, it may seem logical that a resume that works for a private corporation would work just as well for a federal job. It will not.

Applying for federal jobs can be especially difficult. Federal resumes are highly detailed and much more complex than resumes for the private sector. They must include specific character counts, keywords and details about you and your previous employers that are not required in private sector resumes. Federal resumes are generally much longer than private sector resumes, are often formatted differently, and require much more specification. The exact compliance requirements for federal resumes also frequently changes making the complicated process even more complex. Crafting a federal resume that will meet the exact specifications and help to distinguish yourself can feel like a job in and of itself. 

Although there are plenty of resources available aimed at helping you through the process, a professional federal resume writing service can make all the difference. Certified federal resume writers can be invaluable to your job search within the federal government. Because most resumes are pre-scanned, a vast majority of them are never even seen by hiring managers. A professional resume writer can help increase your chances of getting through the pre-screening process and into the hands of decision makers.  

While there are a number of services to choose from, you want to be sure you choose one well versed in the nuances and special requirements of federal resumes. You want to find a highly qualified federal resume coach from a service you can trust. These three services are the ones I highly recommend for any federal job seeker looking to earn the coveted “highly qualified” status and land that dream job. I’ve been in the industry a long time and I know who you can trust and who you should avoid. I trust these three federal resume services and so can you.

Career Pro Plus

Career Pro Plus has an extensive array of services designed for federal job seekers.  The professionals at Career Pro Plus can write resumes for jobs across a variety of sectors including military, federal, and Senior Executive Services (SES). Working with Career Pro Plus will give you a highly customized, one-on-one experience throughout every step of the process.

For more than three decades, Career Pro Plus coaches have been helping federal job seekers make sense of job postings within the complex and sprawling federal government. They are one of the most well-respected services because of their proven track record of helping candidates land some of the most competitive jobs on the market.

Unlike pretty much all other resume writing companies, the writers at Career Pro Plus are actual employees – not contractors. This is a more expensive way to run the business, but it is the only way to guarantee the sort of intense quality control demanded by the owner, Barbara Adams. These writers are the real deal. They will deliver the sort of super customized, extreme high quality product that is needed for upper level GS and SES positions. As a result, Career Pro Plus is not cheap. Their prices go well over $1000 for a complete resume package. But if you’re trying to get a job that pays well over $100,000, you may reason that the cost is worth it.

The Master Federal Career Advisors at Career Pro Plus are experts at navigating complicated compliance information and the additional specifications required for federal resumes. They use best practices to help you utilize the most effective keywords and ensure your experiences clearly match the core competencies of the job to which you are applying. As a Career Pro Plus client, you will be seen as an individual so you can be sure your answers to assessment questions and any Knowledge, Skills and Abilities statements (KSAs) are unique to you and your experiences. 

Career Pro Plus advisors understand that when searching for a job, time is of the essence. They work quickly to match you with an experienced professional who will immediately draft a resume that impresses Human Resources officers with its attention to detail. They have perfected their signature Headline Format which is widely recognized and welcomed by federal HR officers. This format quickly and effectively introduces you, your skills and your accomplishments to hiring managers and has been proven to help score interviews.   

Career Pro Plus offers services beyond resume writing including career coaching and career training. They can help you develop a robust LinkedIn profile and polish your cover letters. They also have an extensive catalog of certification classes and books to help you further a lasting career with the federal government.


The professionals at TopResume take your investment in their resume writing expertise seriously. They understand that you expect quick and measurable results and as such, offer a money back guarantee. They promise a 60-day interview guarantee and have a proven track record of getting candidates noticed and placed in top jobs.

While they also work with the civilian population, TopResume has dedicated specialists who work specifically with candidates looking to land a federal job. Their comprehensive resume writing services include helping job applicants to use specific keywords to describe their talents and skills, checking to be sure all compliance elements are met, and optimizing resumes within the standards of Category Ranking.

With TopResume, you’ll get matched with a federal resume writing expert who understands the particular, technical requirements for federal job seekers and is consistently trained to stay up to date with changing federal rules and regulations. The experts at TopResume know that applying for federal jobs is complex and unlike applying for traditional civilian jobs. With their money back guarantee, you can feel confident that your resume will impress, and you’ll get an interview.

TopResume also offers a free resume review so you can have a better sense of what services would be best for you. Their talented professionals will evaluate your resume based on layout, language and effectiveness and then make recommendations about which services might be most beneficial for you.

TopResume’s pay structure is clear and transparent, so you know exactly what to expect with no surprises. The professionals at Top Resume know that their success is 100% dependent on your success and will give you unparalleled attention.

With federal resumes starting at $199, TopResume offers a fairly cost effective option for a federal job seeker, but they lack the specific focus and detailed attention that CareerProPlus offers when focusing on federal job specific resumes and career searches.

Federal Prose

Federal Prose is another company that caters specifically to federal employees or those wishing to become federal employees. The experts at Federal Prose offer a free resume critique which can be invaluable when trying to assess how much resume help you will need. From there you can choose from a variety of services like a federal qualification’s assessment, resume writing, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Services, cover letter help and editing and proofreading.

Getting started with Federal Prose is easy thanks to their comprehensive website. They aim to help you through the entire process from job search to application. Their seasoned professionals can show you where to search and identify government jobs that match your skills and experiences. They can teach you how to review the often lengthy and specific job announcement details and work with you to prepare your application.

Because federal resumes are scanned for keywords, it’s important to use as many as you can in your resume so that you are identified as a well-qualified match. Your Federal Prose coach will help you identify the key terms and skill sets to include in your resume so that you highlight your qualifications and most relevant experiences. Working with a Federal Prose writing expert will ensure that you stand out from competitors by honing your resume to showcase and quantify your most impressive accomplishments.

When you work with Federal Prose, you will be assured an original and specific resume that reflects your individual experiences and skills. They do not use templates or pre-formatted styles to maximize your unique promise and potential. All of their writers are certified specialists who pride themselves on understanding the evolving complexities of the federal job market.  

While the initial consultation is free, and they offer a free critique of existing resumes as well, the initial cost for a federal resume starts at roughly $399.99. More expensive than TopResume, but significantly more detailed and tailored for a federal position.

These Resume Writers Excel at Preparing Federal Resumes

A career in the federal government can be rewarding and lucrative both personally and professionally – which is partly why they can be difficult to get. Trying to navigate the federal system and tweak and evaluate your own resume may save you a few dollars in the short term, but the expertise of a federal resume writer can be invaluable. Working with a dedicated professional can definitely save you time and can likely help you secure more interviews and ultimately a better job.

The professionals at Career Pros Plus, TopResume and Federal Prose are highly trained to understand the complexities of the federal jobs databases and procedures. Working with one of their professional federal resume writers is an investment in yourself and your future. These trusted organizations will work with you to land your ideal federal government position.

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